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Patty Jewell, LCSW
The Center for Family Connection (CFFC) was founded to meet the need for appropriate and skilled trauma work with children in the Indianapolis area. Our purpose is to provide family centered therapeutic services to parents and children who are struggling to overcome issues related to neglect, abuse, grief and loss.

CFFC provides counseling and therapeutic services to children and their families who have experienced a range of emotional and/or physical traumas. Often, these traumas are related to early abuse and neglect, resulting in the child’s reduced capacity to form a trusting relationship with their parent(s).

Developing a secure attachment is a critical task of infancy and a cornerstone of healthy personality development. When children are abused, neglected and/or experience institutional care (such as in an orphanage), their needs have often gone unnoticed and unmet. This affects their overall development (cognitive, physical, sensory and emotional) and reduces their ability to form satisfying, healthy relationships. Additionally, they develop survival strategies to cope with the confusion, sadness, fear and grief they feel. Once placed in a healthy family environment, the child continues to use their survival skills, setting the stage for ongoing conflict in their new family.

Treatment for these children is most effective when the practitioner understands and utilizes techniques that are based on attachment and trauma research.

Other Services:

Professional training and community education regarding trauma and attachment issues.

Most recent presentations include:

The Indiana Foster Care and Adoption Association
The National Association of Christians in Social Work
Bethany Christian Services Education Series
Indiana University School of Social Work, guest speaker

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