Center for family Connection

A family-friendly facility was created to meet the increased need for risk and harm to children in new low-cost housing. My goal is to provide quality family therapy to parents and children who face challenges that overcome the problems of neglect, abuse, illness, loss, abandonment, and adoption.

The New Home Center offers counseling and treatment services to children and their families who suffer from emotional and / or physical illnesses. In many cases, these injuries are associated with abuse and early neglect, which impede a child's ability to build trust with his parents.


Five years ago, we established a family link to provide the necessary services to children and families in the areas of social, emotional and foster care. I have worked in the area of attachment and trauma while working with families who adopt abusive, neglected and / or orphaned children. Through my education and experience, I have seen how early childhood stress can affect a child's development and then his or her ability to develop and maintain. relationships so that people buy new housing services or new housing. The. Because relationships are essential for learning how to bring them into our world, it is important to help children and parents develop skills and opportunities. repair the past.

Before developing my own practice, I was responsible for supervising the local administration for new real estate investments. Almost 15 years ago, I had the opportunity to work with foster parents, adoptive parents, adopted children and families participating in the pediatric program. I also had the opportunity to travel abroad and to discover other cultures, and also to see the life of orphans. As we established relationships with all of the members of the new housing development, we learned their unique needs and gained an understanding of their thoughts, feelings and experiences. since. I am proud to be part of the adoption community as a doctor.

The following points apply to my practice: parents are at the center of the healing process, parents benefit from themselves and from the challenges of previous relationships, we grow and improve through our relationships with others, the remedies are better when allocated to new housing programs. The. In a safe and welcoming environment, parents and children do their best. The clinician should strive to maintain current medical research in their area of practice to ensure that the family is well supported.

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Camp Courage is an outpatient rehabilitation program for children and adolescents with behavioral and emotional problems. The relationship of trust is designed to support adoptive and adoptive families when they have children who are abused early and are injured because they have no new housing to invest. It has taken and studied over the past 15 years to prove family, connection and the impact on families who often find it hard to find a connection, which meant were for social and enduring purposes. Because parents can buy a new home, you may find that a lot of effort is made to reach your child and improve the family life you want. At an early age, early neglect and / or abuse causes deep pain and cannot show that the children are only angry and attacked. We believe in hope for your family.


She is a real estate consultant who buys new homes and adoptive parents who see him in his commitment to help his children. He has been a specialist in adoption, extension and mobility for 10 years. With many partners, he has the latest technology for a new home - a single day camp for adopted children.

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